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Through Hull Emergency Plugs [02-THEP]
Through Hull Emergency Plugs

Best practices suggests that you should have a dedicated Through Hull Emergency Plug pre-positioned at every point of raw water entry.  This is typically at the through hull or sea-cock locations and in some cases the shaft log.   

We sell our Plugs in individual sizes because you most likey have multiple through hulls of the same size or diameter.  The standard "4 pack" of plugs won't allow you to do this, becuase there is only one of each size in the "4 pack".  You need multiples of the same size. 

We've had  lot of "dock talk" with other Boaters and in a lot of cases that standard "4 pack" is "somwhere in the Salon" or in a locker somewhere.  Definately not where you'd need it in a high water emergency.

Each of our Plugs comes with a length of reusable twist tie material already attached to the Plug so it's easy to pre-position.  Simply determine the diameter of the Plug you need and “twist tie” it to the hose, valve, sea-cock or close to the shaft log.  In the event of a broken through hull, prop shaft or other high water emergency, the Plug will be right next to the failed valve, sea-cock or shaft opening for immediate deployment.  Install them now and its one less thing to worry about while you're cruising. 

Order individually by size of through hull or shaft diameter.

Available in four different sizes to fit most Through Hulls:

    • a) Nominal Size 5/8 X 1 ½ X 5”               Order code THEP-A
    • b) Nominal Size 1 1/8 X 2 X 5”                Order code THEP-B
    • c) Nominal Size 1 3/8 X  2 ½ X 5            Order Code THEP-C
    • d) Nominal Size 1 ½ X 3 X 5”                  Order Code THEP-D

These products are proudly made in the United States.

Through Hull Emergency Plugs [02-THEPA]
Through Hull Emergency Plugs - A
Through Hull Emergency Plugs [02-THEPB]
Through Hull Emergency Plugs - B
 $6.99  Quantity :
Through Hull Emergency Plugs [02-THEPC]
Through Hull Emergency Plugs - C
 $7.99  Quantity :
Through Hull Emergency Plugs [02-THEPD]
Through Hull Emergency Plugs - D
 $10.99  Quantity :

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