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May 2022.  Top Shelf Marine Products has been acquired by Fish Razr in Charleston, SC.  We are proud to continue the quality products and outstanding customer service that Brad and Olimpia Shaffer created.  Do not hesitate to email us at Info@FishRazr.com.  Please also visit our other fishing related site at FishRazr.com

Top Shelf Marine Products was formed with one goal in mind and that is to help you spend more time using your boat and less time working on it or maintaining it.

Just like a lot of boating folks we started out small and over a course of thirty years we moved up and got bigger and bigger boats.  One thing we learned right away when we moved from a trailer boat to a boat kept in the water is that the bottom maintenance alone consumed a lot of our leisure time.  I used to joke that the only dives I was getting in was under the boat, cleaning the hull and running gear!

The other issue that became apparent was that there were no “Purpose Built” tools commercially available and dedicated to in the water hull cleaning and maintenance.  So with that in mind we leveraged our thirty years of boating and diving experience and combined it with thirty years of experience in the high tech industry and developed a product line that meets the rigorous demands of in the water hull cleaning and maintenance.

Every good business and product line needs to have a value proposition.  Our value proposition is that we develop, manufacture and sell high quality, purpose built tools, designed specifically to make you safer and more efficient while you’re cleaning the hull of your boat or your client’s boat.

That translates into less fatigue, more capacity to clean more boats or a shorter cycle time that allows you to spend more time using your boat and less time working on it.

Give our bottom cleaning products a try.  We also sell Purpose Built and specialty items for Engine Rooms and Engineering Spaces, all in an effort to make you more efficient and feel more secure afloat.

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