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Fluid Top Off Bottle


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Top Shelf Marine Products “Fluid Top Off Bottle”

We’re always diligent on our “pre-flight” check prior to getting underway.  This always includes a fluid check on the Genny and the Main Engines, Gears and Steering.  That means Coolant, Oil and Hydraulic Fluid where appropriate.

We’re lucky that our engine room is pretty well laid out, but even so there are a few issues in getting to fill tubes and caps for filling or topping off oil and other fluids.  Either a hose is in the way or a fitting or bracket prevents a good connection with a funnel.  In addition, we usually take our engine oil in 5 gallon buckets.  Then we need to figure out how to get a half quart or so from the 5 gallon bucket into the Genny or a Gear’s fill spout.

After I spilled a bunch of new oil onto the brand new oil pigs under the port side Main, I decided that was it.  We’re gonna find a better way to add smaller amounts of fluid to hard to reach access points.   We now keep a couple of these “Fluid Top Off Bottles” in the Engine Room.  Usually one for oil and one for Hydraulic Fluid.

These are so easy to use and neat and clean I can’t believe we haven’t been using them for years. Each 16 Ounce Poly Bottle comes with an angled fill spout for really tight or unusual fillers.  The tube is detachable in the bottle, so if you want to squeeze the fluid out, you can.  With the tube installed it acts a s as sump and you can drain almost all the fluid in the upright position.  These are perfect for adding or topping off fluids in those really hard to access machinery spaces.


These Bottles are proudly made in the U.S.A.

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