Reciprocating Saw – Hull and Running Gear Scraper Blades


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Product Description

Almost every yard Tradesman or DIY Boater has a Reciprocating Saw; so why not use it for hull & running gear scraping when the boat is on the hard?

With the Top Shelf Marine Products Reciprocating Saw Scraper Blade 3 pak, you’ll make quick work of scraping requirements.  The 3 pack comes with two straight scraper blades. One 3.5” wide for larger areas, bottoms and along the waterline or inside of Chines.  And one 1.75” wide for tighter areas, like inside prop and shaft pockets or around trim tabs and other fixtures.  It’s also a great blade for smaller trailer boats and dinks.  Both have rounded edges so they won’t gouge fiberglass or other hull materials.

The third blade is a “spoon” edge blade for Propellers, Outdrives & Pods.  The rounded design prevents gouging on Nibral, Bronze and Aluminum.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × .25 in