utility scour pads

Utility Scour Pads


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Product Description

These utility scour pads are made from the same great material as our Hull Cleaning #2 & #3 Mitts.  They come in a package of 12 (six Medium Coarse and six Course) Rounds and Squares.  Some Divers keep a couple in the pocket of their BC for spot cleaning the hull.  The rounds and squares are 4″ in Diameter and 4″ Square respectively.

Great all over and under the boat:

  • Galley and head scrubbing
  • Engine room degreasing and scrubbing
  • Cockpit and topsides
  • Fish Cleaning stations
  • In the water, trim tabs, underwater lights, boot stripe stains

Please note: The coarse material is close to 80 grit sandpaper and the medium coarse is close to 120 grit sandpaper.  So always trial in a small and inconspicuous area prior to use to ensure you’re happy with the results.  In addition you’ll get 12 pads of assorted shapes; we can not guarantee an even distribution of shapes in a single 12 pack.


Additional information

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in