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Purpose Built Tools

DBHS-1_edited-2Throughout our web site you’ll see references to what we call “Purpose Built”.  A good explanation of the “Purpose Built” effort would be the space program.  Talented Engineers determine the environment, atmosphere and conditions of their mission and then they create a rocket, satellite or shuttle to meet those conditions.

In other words you don’t see them in the aisles of the local home improvement store shopping for screws, nuts and bolts.  Most everything they design, develop and produce is “Purpose Built” for that specific mission.

At Top Shelf Marine Products we’ve taken that same philosophy and applied it to onboard maintenance and safety tasks.  These products were designed, developed and produced with a specific mission or application mind.  The salt water environment is very harsh and to meet this all of our scraper products are high quality Stainless Steel with high quality Stainless hardware. 

If you use a scraper from the local home improvement store, know this; it was designed for applying dry wall mud or scrapping paint…..on houses…..if it is Stainless (and most are not) it’s typically low quality and will rust or stain the first time in salt water.  The handle is small and will get lost in a gloved hand underwater.  It wasn’t designed for tough jobs like chipping barnacles, reducing hand fatigue and protecting the hand.  It was purpose built, but the purpose wasn’t In the Water Hull Cleaning.

So as you view our products and catalog be assured that wherever you see “Purpose Built” those products were designed, developed and produced with a single mission in mind and for use in one of the harshest environments on earth.