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Strainer & Wingnut Key


All Stainless Steel

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How many times have you fought your way to the outboard side of a main engine or crawled into a space to service a strainer and then realized you forgot to bring pliers for the “finger tight” wing nuts that aren’t “finger tight” anymore?  We’ve done it too many times, that’s why we developed this Purpose built tool. 

The Strainer and Wing Nut “Key” is a dedicated tool that will save you time and aggravation.  It is specifically designed for use on the wing nuts of intake and raw water strainers.  This tool won’t booger the soft bronze wing nuts on strainers like a pair of pliers will.  Small and compact, it fits over the wing nuts in the tightest of installations.  The tool is made from 304 Stainless Steel and then electro polished for years of trouble free use.  You don’t have to rinse with fresh water like you do with a pair of pliers either.  It comes with a small lanyard so you can hang one on each strainer, so the tool is always on the strainer, right there when you need it. 

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